We live on a planet where we need to be more efficient in the food chain, respecting and valuing our ecosystems. We know how to create an alternative to the current productive system, which is based on a linear economy (produce-use-waste), by a circular model inspired on the nature operation.
This circular economy model is based on waste generation reduction and its transformation into biological resources that are reintroduced into the system.

Bioconversion or Circular Economy

Bioconversion, also known as biotransformation, is the conversion of organic materials, such as plant or animal waste, by processes or biological agents, thus transforming them into high value
BioFlyTech's circular approach is based on the development of solutions for the management and recovery of organic residues and byproducts through larval bio-digestion.
The application of this innovative technology allows the recovery and elimination of a wide range of organic byproducts and residues through its transformation into larval biomass.
This section includes both agricultural byproducts and waste from livestock farms.

Derived results from larval digestion includes a high-quality, homogeneous and physically-chemically stable organic fertilizer with excellent agronomic properties.
It can be marketed in agriculture, domestic use and it is organic production standards compatible.