New, sustainable ingredients for animal feed

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Years of experience in insect breeding

Our experience in breeding and domesticating the black soldier fly provides us with in-depth knowledge of the species and permanent technical improvement

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We reach optimum production coefficients with our differential larvae-fattening technology

3,000 m²

of industrial plant

The industrialisation of production responds to our customers’ needs

A reference team in the sector

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Our products

Protein meals

Our meals are rich in highly digestible protein, with a balanced profile of amino acids, similar to that of fish meal

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Functional fats

Especially indicated for improving animal gut health. Containing high value fats, such as lauric, oleic and palmitic acids. Appropriate for both farm animals and pets

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Enriched compost

100% biological origin. Improves soil structure, increases the quantity of available organic material and provides nutrients of great agronomic importance

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Our mission is to generate value in the Circular Economy

  • Insect breeding

    Pioneers in the artificial breeding and domestication of the black soldier fly (hermetia illucens)

  • Large scale production

    Own differential technology for the industrial production of larval biomass

  • Organic by-products

    Optimisation of feed from organic by-products

  • Consumption

    Production of protein meals and fats with high nutritional value.


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