The Company

Main milestones


Our research team led by Santos Rojo, focuses on studying dipterous insects and specifically Hermetia Illucens


BioflyTech is established as a Technology-Based Company of the University of Alicante Science Park


We developed several patents in the fields of feeding, breeding, self-harvesting of larvae and other auxiliary systems that represent the sector’s cutting-edge


Moira enters the shareholder structure and invests in the first industrial plant with 1000 tonnes annual production

The key to success is the combination of scientific knowledge and business expertise

About the process

  • Waste sources

    Larvae feed on low added value organic by-products and we obtain from the larvae biomass a high quality protein and rich functional fats

  • Protein meals and functional fats

    This high quality protein is appropriate for animal feed, and its production is fully sustainable. The functional fats allow for a healthy growth

  • Enriched compost

    The result of the production process is a 100% organic soil regenerator

  • We produce two types of ingredients

4 major benefits

More efficient

Insects convert food into biomass more efficiently than most living organisms. they need fewer resources than other livestock to produce protein and fat

Less polluting

In a production environment that is entirely closed from the outside, it emits fewer greenhouse gases than any other type of livestock breeding

Natural recyclers

The biomass assimilates nutrients from a wide range of co-products derived from agribusiness production. their role in the bio-economy is fundamental


In a context of scarce natural resources, we supply high added value ingredients, unaffected by climate phenomena

Our products

Intended for feed manufacturers

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We contribute to guaranteeing food safety in the future